Jakks Pride Action Figure Ring now IN STOCK at RSC!

From the Jakks UFC collection!...

UFC 107 Tickets & Toys Giveaway on Facebook

Hey guys, Just wanted to remind everyone that we are giving away a cool prize pack of UFC toys and tickets to UFC 107 as part ...
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UFC Series #3 Confirmed - Rumors for #4 - Belts #2

Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of feedback that you guys need more info!  I love it.  I am here for you.  You want more, just ...
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UFC Hits Shelves, Toy Fair & Wave 3!!!

Hey guys! We’ve got some major news for you! 1 - Product is on shelf!  Although just trickling in now, you can find wave 0 at TRU ...
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UFC Figures & Retail Update - On Shelf This Month!!

Hey all, It’s been a while since I’ve been on, but rest assured, I am here for you!  Send me comments, questions and I’ll do my ...
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UFC Fan Expo & Exclusive Figure News

Hey all, Happy 1st of July!  I wanted to take a minute to post some news about our upcoming show at the UFC Fan Expo and ...
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UFC Wave 0 Officially Announced!

Hey all! It’s Enrique, the UFC Toy Guy again… So, some of you with a keen eye might have caught the sneak preview of the wave 0 ...
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Hey all, My name is Enrique Ruvalcaba and I am the director of Fight Brand marketing here at Jakks Pacific. I am very excited about the launch ...
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